Friday, February 7, 2014

First Friday Valentines Day Party!

Peggy brought so much Valentine stuff to make cards, and hangars.  Vickie (who had not talked to Peggy first) brought the same examples of these darling, vintage cards & hangars.  How serendipitous! 

Here we are having fun with ribbon, paper, lace, etc.  

 One table wasn't enough for all the stuff we had.  There was also a counter full & two small nesting tables in use here too 
 Here are Peggy's Cards
 Here are Joanell's cards
 And Miss Vickies 

I was making fabric heart shaped yo-yo's. 
I was also working on getting a small work finished for Leslie Riley's Art Call  due on 2/15.  

Girl Scout cookies were had and gummie bears! 

Fabulous company and a wonderful art filled evening! 
We are missing Miss Cindy who is off gallivanting with her visiting family! 


We appreciate hearing from you, Thanks!