Sunday, October 20, 2013

October was Bottle Building!

Well we are getting better, this time we remembered to take photos just as Miss Cindy was getting ready to leave!  
Our October meeting was being held at Vickie's house as she was going to demo how to make these amazing glass bottles she does.  I'm inserting a photo of one I bought from her a couple years ago. 

That is a fully functional opening little purse with a cat face & the dangling fish.  It's a necklace but I never wear it, I have a beloved cats fur in there whom we lost a few years ago now. 

Here I am with my messy collection- really hard to KISS (keep it simple stacy)

Here Vickie is showing us the 'bubble level' app that we will need unless we want to use the old fashioned kind!  But hey!  One more reason to upload a new free coolio app! 

Miss Vickie enjoying herself! Musta been from all them Marie Calender's pies she was sharin! YUM! 

I can't wait to see all the bottles created that we will share at our November meeting!  
I'm going to set up a special photography station just for them! 

Vickie assuring joanell that it will be fun! 

On Saturday morning I spoke to Vickie to thank her again for her generosity of things we could use and instruction and she told me she had made TEN bottles after we left!!! 

I'm telling you that here because it's taken me THREE DAYS to make ONE! 
This is NOT my thing but here's my finished whatever this is... 
What started it was the tiny perfume bottle I've kept for over 6 years now! 
I was thrilled to think I could actually use it for something.  It was one of six tiny perfume samplers from Christian Dior someone gave me a reeeeallllly long time ago.  But those darling little glass bottles were keepers!  I gave one to joanell that I think she's using on her bottle but I'm not sure sure.  

So here's mine. 
In place of the 'bottle' at the bottle 'station' where we were instructed to select our bottles there was this brass thing with a dragon on it.  Peggy initially picked it up and said 'what is this? It looks like a dragon!" and then she promptly handed it to me!!  

I was so excited! There are ten pieces in my...whatever this is... and I'm glad it's done.  

Vickie said we could each take one more bottle home if we wanted so I chose this!  I suppose it was a bottle of sorts but the weight of this and the gorgeous cut work is wonderful! 
I simply put on some of them evil eye things and a fixture on the bottom.  My intent is to add wire work so that it can be hung from a window.  The Evil eyes are see through and in the sunlight they look pretty.  I plan on using it as a single flower vase.

So thank you again Vickie for your wonderful hospitality and generosity of supplies! 
Can't wait to see everyone November 1st! 

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