Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June Meeting, with a birthday!

Peggy made this adorable mini art quilt. Love the curly whiskers.  
This month we met at Joanell's house, and it was especially fun because we were celebrating Stacy's birthday! This was something we recently decided to do, celebrate bdays with homemade, artful gifts. Stacy requested cats and/or birds.
Stacy's cuddling with the cat made by me (Cindy). It's similar to the cats in my "Dos Gatos Primitivos" quilt, but free standing and appliqued onto a recycled sweater.
Joanell made a clever journal with a handstitched cover. The photo doesn't do it justice, but besides the cat and bird it says "WTF."   
Vickie made a wonderful necklace out of door pulls. Can't see it in this photo. I'm hoping others took better photos than I did!

For the grand finale, Joanell,Tom and Peggy did a rousing rendition of "Runaway," with ukuleles and singing. They made it look like such fun!  Joanell was a trooper, hosting this fun gathering despite her broken wrist. Thanks Joanell!  

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  1. the evening was fun. photo of performers great, sound not included - priceless


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