Saturday, April 7, 2012

April 2012 Gathering

We met at Vickies darling home and she presented us with this

 Since my camera phone completely washed out the white coconut cake, here's  a better shot of the top

There was much to celebrate!

Both Cindy and joanell had pieces accepted into 'Rituals'
to debut at the Long Beach Quilt Festival in July.  


Photobooth Hijinks

Flowers in my hair and expectations

Stacy had a piece selected into the Santa Monica Hangar Gallery Show (opens May 19) and her
work was chosen for the postcard

"Ode to Joyce"

So we celebrated with dinner, had our show and share, did our 5 minute sketches and had desert!
We wandered out into the night around 10pm to make our way home.

A fine evening full of inspiration!

A great big Thank You to Vickie for opening her home to us
(well, most of it-LOL)

And Mr. Bleu who is still looking for that Bunny!

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  1. The blog looks great, Stacy! Thanks for setting it up. And thank you, Vickie, for hosting us at your enchanting home this month. I'm still feeling guilty about eating the whole slice of yummy coconut cake.


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